Description:Program management for Bar and Restaurant
Operating System:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Installation:Only in 1 PC

The main functions of the program

  • Management of sales.
  • Management of supplies, entry and exit.
  • Inventory Management. Can be viewed at any time the status of inventory items.
  • Cash Management. Payment – Receipts.
  • Format vouchers (50.80 and 150mm) of the sales invoice.
  • Access levels according to user functions.
  • Waiters can be identified with the code, personal cards (magnetic / barcode) or fingerprint.
  • Sharing messages automatically to the bar or kitchen.
  • Inventory items to receipts.
  • Sharing throughput for bar and kitchen.
  • Invoices on behalf of the facility.
  • Transfer of bills from one table to another and from one to another waiter.
  • The cost-benefit ratio of sales.
  • Configuration to print the invoice, summary or after any message.
  • The possibility of selling the items at different prices according to sectors and environments.
  • Automatic change of price schedules article by bands.
  • All acts performed in the program saved and waiter username or relevant.
  • Program managed by users of their functions (as Store, Supplies, Crate).
  • It preservation and reflection of all sales made and canceled.
  • Reports for any selected period of time for sales, supplies, quantity of items sold, and financial balance.
  • Excel Moving and Storage of all reports issued.
  • Maintenance, export and storage of data whenever desired program.
  • Access to touch screen monitor
  • I also fitted with  Kase Fiscal
  • The repositioning of the program by placing tables real tables.
  • The inventory loading initial practical items
  • Balance: Purchase, Sales, Income and Expenses
  • Estimate more accurate than the user’s throughput (throughput is not vulnerable to manipulative attempts such as: computer manipulation or execution date of the invoice amount / negative value to artificially reduce a user submits lap at the end of the day.
  • Invoices can be performed in motion, even with palmar (palmar serves as a cellular common)

Where appropriate environmental and bar with one computer can connect up to two printers for messages and one for bills. Printers orders can be placed first in the bar and in the kitchen. However the program also allows printing on a single printer orders and invoices.
Customer service is offered free maintenance for the first month, for every problem in the functioning of the client’s premises. For customers outside of Tirana, travel expenses covered by the client.
After the first month, the program re-installation SoftExpres and / or re-training of customers (in the grounds of the latter), the following fees apply:

Installation fee & training by locationNr. of daysHour / dayTotal HoursValue (Euro)
Installation + training in Tiranë14460
Installation + training in Cities 118890
Installation + training in Cities 2188180

Note: The above prices are without tax included
List Price for additional functionality Softexpres

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