The main functions of the program

  • Identification of patients and physicians.
  • Prescriptions registered with / without reimbursement.
  • Evidence of price categories refund the full price patient, the first alternative price, the amount the patient must pay and the amount reimbursed to each recipe.
  • List of recipes-pointer with Full Refund / Partial.
  • Evidence of Sales and Purchases, Drug Situation in stock, the cash box.
  • Reports obligations to the Customer or Vendor.
  • Membership cards to customers that enable the automatic application for a price perferencial article.
  • Report for the duration of the medication.
  • 0,10,20% VAT sale, sale bar code reader and compliance with fiscal cases.
  • Items for Sale resolved through bar code scanner for efficiency and speed.
  • Different prices for the various service sectors.
  • Mass loading program and Supplies New Items via Excel (to save time).
  • Upload from outside the list of drugs, patients and physicians to determine the DRSKSH.
  • Kase adapt to and Fiscal Monitor with Touchscreen.
  • Enable printing of invoice formats vouchers (50.80 and 150mm) and A4 tape.
  • All reports are downloadable to Excel or any other format.
  • Enable management Database Client itself.
  • Impression on every sale made or canceled.
  • The user enters the program through the magnetic card or thumb trail.
  • Enable the access levels of personalized according to the user function.
  • Network versions of the program for each non-server workstation can work connected to the central server (online), but also independent (View) from the central server. This functionality is useful when the network does not work, because the bills can be performed independently and be synchronized with the central server at a later time when the network becomes functional.
  • Practical Management of Purchase / Sales through interfaces that chronologically lists all the invoices for a specified period of time. From this list you can choose and easily adminstrosh a specific invoice.
  • Summary of outstanding invoices by customers
  • Inventory Management. Can be viewed at any time the status of inventory items. The inventory loading of initial practical items
  • Management and Cash and Cash Bankes.Sistem some. Adminsitrim Payment – receipts.
  • Balance: Purchase, Sales, Income and Expenses
  • The Ark book, purchase book, sales book
  • Labels and barcodes printing prices for items
  • More accurate estimate of the user throughput (throughput is not vulnerable to manipulative attempts such as: computer manipulation or execution date of the invoice amount / negative value to artificially reduce a user submits lap at the end of the day.
  • The inventory Easy transfer from one warehouse to another

Customer service is offered free maintenance for the first 3 months for versions NETWORK program for every problem in the functioning of the client’s premises. For customers outside of Tirana, travel expenses covered by the client.

After three months ago, the re-installation of software SoftExpres and / or re-training of customers (in the grounds of the latter), the following fees apply:

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